What is something that most people don’t know

1. There is a place in Africa, that is owned by no country, called Bir Tawil.

It is uninhabited land on the border of Egypt and Sudan and it is owned by neither country. Both Egypt and Sudan think that they don’t own it so they kind of just agreed to leave it owned by no country. It was created in 1902 and to this day still nobody has taken official claim to the land.

Multiple people have tried to claim it but it has never been taken seriously by other countries. The most recent person was an American who traveled to Bir Tawil and tried to make it his own country so his daughter could be the princess of what he called the Kingdom of North Sudan.

2. There is a tape that is considered as world’s strongest tape.
Braeön is lightweight, moldable tape that can hoist more than 900 kg.

One of the sad truths about materials is that if they are strong, they are also probably heavy; if they are lightweight, they are also probably weak and breakable.

What makes Braeön so cool?
A single ribbon of the stuff can pull incredible weight but an entire roll weighs less than a football.

It is tested & proven to withstand extreme force and conditions. LITERALLY as strong as steel, as flexible as rope and as malleable as putty. It is a high strength, lightweight plastic ribbon that molecularly fuses to itself in a matter of seconds. Simply heat, press and repeat to form the plastic into any desired shape. Once cooled, the self-bonding plastic hardens, creating a bond as strong as steel.

3.The Statue of Liberty’s index finger is eight feet long.

4.Rain has never been recorded in some parts of the Atacama Desert in Chile.
5. A 75 year old person will have slept about 23 years.
6. There are as many chickens on earth as there are humans. 
7. One type of hummingbird weighs less than a penny.
8. Sharks can live up to 100 years.
9. Mosquito are more attracted to the color blue than any other color.
10. Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.

11. About 75 acres of pizza are eaten in in the U.S. everyday.
12. The largest recorded snowflake was 15 Inch wide and 8 Inch thick. It fell in Montana in 1887.
13. Former president Bill Clinton only sent 2 emails in his entire 8 year presidency.
14. Koalas and humans are the only animals that have finger prints.
16. There are 200,000,000 insects for every one human.
17. Octopus have three hearts.
18. If you ate too many carrots, you would turn orange.
19. The body has 2-3 million sweat glands.
20. 250 people have fallen off the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
21. A Blue whale’s tongue weighs more than an elephant.
22. Bamboo can grow up to 3 ft in 24 hours.
23. An eyeball weighs about 1 ounce.
24. The largest continent in landmass and population is Asia. Asia has the world’s 60% of population that accounts to almost 4 billion people.


What is something that most people don’t know

Take a square sheet of paper

Fold it in half to bring the opposite sides together, as shown in the picture below

Now fold it perpendicular to the first fold, as shown in below picture

This means that after first fold you make the square paper a rectangle of 1:2 ratio of its sides.

Now go on folding the paper in half…till you get something like this

What do you think now? How many times can you fold the paper?


Now push yourself really hard…and apply some more force and you will get the seventh fold…!

That’s it…!!!

You can only fold any paper 7 times in half… That’s it…!!!

Now try doing more folds… Let’s see how many you can get. 😛

And another interesting fact 

Wonder if you have a large enough paper and sufficient energy to fold it beyond 7th fold- like as many folds as you want. Now you started folding the paper easily for as many folds as you want. Now the biggest problem is, once you get near to 100th fold, the size of the folded paper would be equal to around the observable universe…! Hell yeah…!!! 93 billion light-years…!!!

Now once you get near the 40th fold…you can really climb using your paper till the MOON…!!! Oh my god!


What is the most interesting fact that you know and I don’t, but I should?

  • Nissan cars for ads/ racing normally use the number 23 because in Japanese, a 2 is pronounced ‘ni’ and a 3 is pronounced ‘san’.
  • Penguins have glands under their eyes to extract and secrete excess salt. These are powerful enough that they allow them to drink seawater as their primary water source.

  • Frogs neck muscles are so weak because of the ribbity thing they do that they use their eyes to push food down their throat. It looks like they’re blinking but they suck their eyes down into their bodies to push food into their stomach

  • Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830s. To cure digestive problems. That’s after ketchup was made using tomatoes. Before then it was made from mushrooms or fish.

  • Longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.

  • In 2012, Walmart’s most sold item was the banana.

  • Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were college roommates.

  • Japanese honeybees cook hornet scouts that enter the hive by swarming them and then vibrating until they reach a temperature they can stand but the hornet can’t.

  • Only a fifth of the Sahara Desert is sand. Rest of it is likely extremely arid land. A desert is classified based on lack of rainfall, with Antarctica being the largest.

  • The octopus has three hearts, two to pump blood to the gills while the third pumps the blood throughout the body. It also has nine ‘brains’. A big one in the head and smaller ones in each tentacle.

  • The door opening noise from Star Trek was a piece of paper being taken out of an envelope. Rain in a movie is often bacon sizzling

  • Before clocks, “clockwise” was called “sunwise” and “counterclockwise” was called “widdershins”!

  • A second is called a second because it is the 2nd division of the hour by 60, the 1st division being a minute. So why is a minute called a minute? It comes from the Latin pars minuta prima which means first small part as in first division of an hour.
  • Priapism, the condition you get when you’ve had an erection lasting longer than four hours, is named after Priapus, a minor rustic fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia.
  • The plural of fish can be fish or fishes. If all the fish are the same species, then the plural is fish (two salmon are fish). If there is more than one species, the plural is fishes (a salmon and a haddock comprise fishes). Same with money and monies. People and peoples.
  • The release of the original Spider Man movie was delayed because of the 9/11 attacks. They spent the following months editing the twin towers out of every scene. But they missed one. What scene did they miss? It’s the one where he first climbs up the wall and he jumps from roof to roof. It’s in the top left corner for a very split second.

  • The difference between a cemetery and a graveyard – graveyards are attached to churches, cemeteries are stand-alone.


Why is Singapore expensive?

A vegetable seller told me that he bought half a tonne of cucumbers for $24 (you read that right). He sells it at 10 cucumbers for $2, a bargain for his customers.
Singapore is expensive only if you don’t know where to get stuff for free or for cheap. Or when you want to reduce the number of things you get.
In 2017, I spent just $8 on food for the whole year. I got most of my food for free, except for a meal in Jan 2017 when I was still working things out. I now have so much food that every week I’m rearranging stuff in my fridge so that I can fit everything inside. Very often, I invite friends over to my place and ask them to help me eat my food so that I can close my fridge door.
I used to have a room where I would store all the excess stuff I got for free. These include clothes such as shirts and pants; footwear such as sandals and shoes, branded bags such as Coach, Louis Vutton, Prada, Kate Spade; home appliances such as ovens, toasters, vacuum cleaners, air fryers, television sets, pots and pans, decorations, you name it.
Nowadays I’ve been clearing out that room to put food, because I like food better than I like merchandise. A friend collects so much merchandise that he gives away a roomful of it to 15–20 Filipino maids every Sunday. Each of them leaves his place with a taxi full of stuff that they get for free. They ship these things home for their families that live in the slums.
Two weeks ago, a couple of friends and I collected 2000 kg of cabbages and gave them away for free. This is me delivering 200kg of cabbages to a friend:

This is what the cabbages look like after the outer leaves have been peeled off:


People who think Singapore is expensive do so because they don’t know that hidden truth. That truth is that as a nation, we throw away tonnes of stuff, food included, that is perfectly use-able and edible. And the truth is that as consumers, we pay the price of that waste. We don’t see it, so we don’t know.
This is the bread that is thrown away by a single bakery on a single night:


Who pays for this waste? You, the customers, do. That’s why Singapore is expensive.
It is perfectly possible to live off the waste of the nation. I’ve done it for the whole of 2017, and I’m still doing it. By not buying anything at all (except for pet food and litter), I reduced my expenses by $13,000 last year, and never lived a more comfortable and worry-free life here.
Now some people will say, no, this is wrong. We must spend money for the good of the economy. But we already know that a thriving economy doesn’t necessarily mean that people are happy. Because money doesn’t buy happiness; it buys convenience.
Yes, it’s not very convenient to have to handle tonnes of food. I constantly need to find people to give my surplus to.
Every week, my community receives 1–2 tonnes of fresh produce that would otherwise be thrown away. We take about 10 percent of it for our own consumption, and give the rest away to charity. You might have heard of us in the news, where 25 of us collected, in a couple of hours, 1.5 tonnes of produce to feed 5,000 people.
This is our booth at the event, where we gave away 600kg of fruits and vegetables that were not used to feed the 5000 members of the public.



Just this weekend, my mum bought spring chickens for $2 a piece. If you buy this at the supermarket, it would cost about $6–7. She helped her neighbours to order 170 of them. These chickens were rejected by supermarkets because they were less than 1 kg, so the chicken supplier let them go for cheap.
Sure, it’s much more convenient to just go to the supermarket and pick up a spring chicken, than have to deal with 170 of them. But that’s what makes Singapore expensive for most people – the convenience.
If you’re willing to spend some time and inconvenience yourself a little, you’ll find loads of stuff available for free.



 By : Daniel Tay

What companies have chosen morality over profitability?

Has a company ever chosen morality over profitability?
SC Johnson made a choice like this, and it’s hurt sales ever since.


Saran Wrap is a product people in the United States know well, and it’s been popular for years… it hit the markets in 1953, and quickly became popular for its utility in storing food. It blocked odors, it microwaved well, and it did a better job of clinging to containers than any other product on the market. (It may have been popular in other countries as well, but I have no frame of reference for that.)
If you’ve used Saran Wrap in the past decade or so, you’ve probably noticed it’s not as effective as it used to be.
Originally created by Dow Chemicals, Saran Wrap came under SC Johnson’s control in 1998. Shortly thereafter, they discovered that one of the chemicals used to manufacture the famous plastic wrap, polyvinylidene chloride, had toxic effects on the environment.
They attempted to find a replacement that would preserve the qualities of Saran Wrap people had come to love, but after a year of effort, SC Johnson made the decision to remove the chemical and release a new formulation. It’s not as effective, but it no longer poisons the environment.
There was no boycott, there was no federal investigation… the company discovered the danger, and then voluntarily gave up its competitive advantage in order to avoid harming the environment.

What is the best thing a teacher taught you?

In Health 9B-read, Sex Ed-our teacher, Ms. Smith was teaching us about safe sex.

“Jesus, kids, I’ve said it fifty times and I’ll say it again-never have sex without a condom,” she said. “If you love her, wear a cover. No glove, no love. Etcetera.”

In the back, some kid smirked, tipped his chair back.

“What if it’s too big?” he asked.

Ms. Smith narrowed her eyes. “What?”

“What if my dick’s too big?” he asked, among some tittering. “For a condom?”

Ms. Smith snorted. “There’s one who asks in every class. You really wanna know, Patrick?”


Ms. Smith reached into her desk drawer, and pulled out a condom. “This is a medium,” she said. She pulled it open, and bent over.

“Watch,” she said. And we watched, amazed, as she stretched open the condom and proceeded to pull it over her enormous foot, orthopedic shoe and all.

When she was done, the condom was stretched snugly, but in no danger of snapping, across her foot. She gave it a little wiggle.

“So, kids,” she told us. “If a guy says his dick’s too big for a condom-he’s lying. Get out of there. And if his dick’s bigger than my foot-well, there’s something wrong with him. You probably shouldn’t be going out with him anyway.”

God. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of that class.

By : Caroline Shepphard

What is one place on Earth you would never go to? Why?

Chernobyl, specifically the basement beneath Reactor 4


“The so called Elephant’s Foot is a solid mass made of melted nuclear fuel mixed with lots and lots of concrete, sand, and core sealing material that the fuel had melted through. It is located in a basement area under the original location of the core. In 1986 the radiation level on the ”Elephant’s Foot” was measured at 10,000 roentgens per hour, and anyone who approached would have received a fatal dose in under a minute. After just 30 seconds of exposure, dizziness and fatigue will find you a week later. Two minutes of exposure and the body cells will soon begin to hemorrhage; four minutes: vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. At 300 seconds you have two days to live.”


The radiation is so strong that it even affects the film and makes photos of it appear grainy.
They even had to build a giant concrete sarcophagus to close off the radiation from the outside world.
Oh I also forgot to mention, the contents will remain radioactive for at least 100,000 years.

The Best Tech Trick You Should Know

Need to remember something in the morning? Send yourself a text before you go to bed, but don’t open it until the next day.

Install multiple applications at once with the help of Ninite. It’s the ultimate time-saver.

When your phone battery is low, switch to airplane mode. The battery will last much longer.

Want a quick way to unfreeze a frozen phone? Plug it into its charger.

Find yourself in a hotel without your charger? Check the TV for a USB plugin.

If you want to ignore someone, simply add them into your phone contact list as “Ignore” and make the ringtone of that contact silent.

If the taxi driver asks if you are “ from around here”, lie and say yes. Sometimes they drive farther ( driving up the price) for tourists.


Never use your favorite song as your alarm clock…you will just end up hating it.

Someone’s incessant morning alarm is going off but the owner is refusing to get up and turn it off? Call the phone to turn it off for them. 

Whenever you make a packing list for a trip, make two copies. Use one to pack and the second to make sure you bring everything back.

Store some emergency cash in between the small space of your phone and its phone case, just in case.


What are some practical travel hacks?

Luggage on four wheels. Doesn’t matter how it looks. The only thing that matters is how easy you can move it around. Double wheels (like on the image below) are the most stable.


Don’t buy expensive luggage. It’s not worth it. It will get scratched and broken and you will get stressed trying to wrap it in the foil etc. It’s just not worth it.

Go to the airport early also travel more, spend less when you book vacations via this extensions. If you use Desktop more than mobile in my opinion i recommend you to use this extensions it called “Booking Flights & Hotels Deals” for Chrome & Firefox.
Plan your way from the airport at the destination ahead. After long-haul flight you will be tired. It is much less stressful and tiring when you have a plan in place how to get fastest to your hotel.

External charging battery. Places around the world, trains and planes are better with USB charging these days but it’s always better to have your own extra battery.

What are some of the awesome facts you believe very few people know?

1. Apple and No Smoking
Apple has a No Smoking bans on all of their computers. It may sound ridiculous, but is actually true. If you smoke while using an Apple Computer, you void the warranty.

2. Glass
Basically anything that melts can be made into glass. You just have to cool off the molten material before its molecules have time to realign into what they were before being melted.


3. Honey
This fact is going to blow your mind if you are a die-hard fan of honey. Honey does not spoil. You could feasibly eat 3000-year-old honey.


4. Birth Place Of Lord Buddha
I guess there are few people in this world who are unaware of Lord Buddha. But many people are unaware about the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Actually, he was born in Lumbini, presently located in Nepal.

5. Google and Excite
Google’s founders were willing to sell to Excite for under $1 million in 1999—but Excite turned them down.


6. Octopus is Awesome
We all are familiar with Octopi. But many people aren’t aware about its amazing facts. Octopi have 9 brains, 3 hearts and blue blood.


7. Relationship Between Google and Backrub
Backrub may be an odd word for most of the readers, but Google was originally called Backrub.


8. Einstein During Birth
At birth, Einstein’s Head had a weird shape. It is being said that the back of his head was very large, but within the first few weeks, the shape gradually changed to normal.


9. Toilet Paper and France
Most toilet paper sold for home use in France is pink in color.


10. Amazon Site Down
Last year, when Amazon’s site went down for 49 minutes the company missed nearly $5.7 million in sales.