What are some of the awesome facts you believe very few people know?

1. Apple and No Smoking
Apple has a No Smoking bans on all of their computers. It may sound ridiculous, but is actually true. If you smoke while using an Apple Computer, you void the warranty.

2. Glass
Basically anything that melts can be made into glass. You just have to cool off the molten material before its molecules have time to realign into what they were before being melted.


3. Honey
This fact is going to blow your mind if you are a die-hard fan of honey. Honey does not spoil. You could feasibly eat 3000-year-old honey.


4. Birth Place Of Lord Buddha
I guess there are few people in this world who are unaware of Lord Buddha. But many people are unaware about the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Actually, he was born in Lumbini, presently located in Nepal.

5. Google and Excite
Google’s founders were willing to sell to Excite for under $1 million in 1999—but Excite turned them down.


6. Octopus is Awesome
We all are familiar with Octopi. But many people aren’t aware about its amazing facts. Octopi have 9 brains, 3 hearts and blue blood.


7. Relationship Between Google and Backrub
Backrub may be an odd word for most of the readers, but Google was originally called Backrub.


8. Einstein During Birth
At birth, Einstein’s Head had a weird shape. It is being said that the back of his head was very large, but within the first few weeks, the shape gradually changed to normal.


9. Toilet Paper and France
Most toilet paper sold for home use in France is pink in color.


10. Amazon Site Down
Last year, when Amazon’s site went down for 49 minutes the company missed nearly $5.7 million in sales.


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