What is something that most people don’t know

Take a square sheet of paper

Fold it in half to bring the opposite sides together, as shown in the picture below

Now fold it perpendicular to the first fold, as shown in below picture

This means that after first fold you make the square paper a rectangle of 1:2 ratio of its sides.

Now go on folding the paper in half…till you get something like this

What do you think now? How many times can you fold the paper?


Now push yourself really hard…and apply some more force and you will get the seventh fold…!

That’s it…!!!

You can only fold any paper 7 times in half… That’s it…!!!

Now try doing more folds… Let’s see how many you can get. 😛

And another interesting fact 

Wonder if you have a large enough paper and sufficient energy to fold it beyond 7th fold- like as many folds as you want. Now you started folding the paper easily for as many folds as you want. Now the biggest problem is, once you get near to 100th fold, the size of the folded paper would be equal to around the observable universe…! Hell yeah…!!! 93 billion light-years…!!!

Now once you get near the 40th fold…you can really climb using your paper till the MOON…!!! Oh my god!


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