What are some rare pictures that we may have never seen

It’s the Hoover Dam…but without water



Graham Jackson Sr playing the accordion…at President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s funeral


Arnold Schwarzenegger after he got his American citizenship

Arnold in New York City for the first time

Einstein’s report card, on a scale of 1–6. See? Even Einstein didn’t get perfect grades!

Grounded Canadian planes on 9/11

Times Square before all the TV screens

The day after Sweden decided to drive on the right

Halloween, 1900


First Summer Olympics in Athens, the marathon, 1896

Walt Disney and family, Disney Studios grand opening

Winston Churchill at the beach

1863, Brighton swim club (that one guy with the extra long top hat)

This is actually a real gun, called a “punt gun” that fired a pound of shot

What are the best perfectly timed pictures #1

Look at the water splash

 “First man to kneel on water, suckers!”

 Look closely!

  “I will be the next Niagara Falls.”

“Oh, I forgot this is the that dress makes my calves look fat.”


 The Invisible Girl.

 Next man to land on the moon.

Like a moth to a flame.

 “3 dead fish. 3 dead fish…..”

Channeling power from France. What, it was a gift!

What are some rare photos of world history

This was what first class looked like in the 1960’s on a Swissair flight. Airplanes used to be much simpler. Most airlines had only one class with open cockpits but higher rates of fatalities. Now they have been transformed into pure luxury.

The Beatles before their iconic Abbey Road shot.


Two men here try out a stretching device which claimed to increase one’s height by 2 to 6 inches. (1931)


The legendary Beatles posing with the great Muhammad Ali (1964)


West Berlin residents show their children to their grandparents who reside on the eastern side of the wall (1961)

Vietnamese soldiers capture a US airman in Truc Bach Lake, Hanoi. The airman was none other than John McCain who would later become a US senator and even run for president against Barack Obama.

Martin Luther King along with his son on the right, removes a burnt cross from his front yard.

Albert Einstein seeming to be pleased with his furry shoes

A photo of Bruce Lee on the dance floor. Unbelievable right? He was quite fond of ballroom dancing. There are multiple online videos of him speaking on his interest in dance.


Barack Obama as a teenager. Obama received his first basketball from his father and played a lot during his time in Hawaii. One of his favorite players was Julius Erving. In his yearbook an older teammate reportedly wrote: “Anyway, been great knowing you and I hope we keep in touch. Good luck in everything you do and get that law degree. Some day when I am an all-pro basketballer, and I want to sue my team for more money, I’ll call on you, Barry.”


Three Chinese men pose on a man-powered vehicle- a wheelbarrow, supposedly during the Qing Dynasty. There were many Chinese technologies that predated similar inventions in the West.