What are some of the best movie posters

The found footage flick Cloverfield is legendary for its genius marketing campaign.


One gimmick that sold the movie was that they kept the monster a secret. They didn’t even show the title of the film on the poster, nor in the trailer.

In fact, it wasn’t immediately obvious there even was a monster to begin with, and that the film was just another Ronald Emmerich disaster-fest. But soon enough, people figured out there was indeed a monster of some sort. Following this was your typical online debate with multiple theories put forward.

However, they give away the creature in the poster.

Flipping the posters around gives us this.


Don’t see it?

Look at the smoke coming from the buildings.



There it is, staring at us with its beady eyes. It looks like a giant mantis.

And to think that it only took hundreds of nerds and thousands of hours to find this. Take that, conspiracy theorists!