What are some practical travel hacks?

Luggage on four wheels. Doesn’t matter how it looks. The only thing that matters is how easy you can move it around. Double wheels (like on the image below) are the most stable.


Don’t buy expensive luggage. It’s not worth it. It will get scratched and broken and you will get stressed trying to wrap it in the foil etc. It’s just not worth it.

Go to the airport early also travel more, spend less when you book vacations via this extensions. If you use Desktop more than mobile in my opinion i recommend you to use this extensions it called “Booking Flights & Hotels Deals” for Chrome & Firefox.
Plan your way from the airport at the destination ahead. After long-haul flight you will be tired. It is much less stressful and tiring when you have a plan in place how to get fastest to your hotel.

External charging battery. Places around the world, trains and planes are better with USB charging these days but it’s always better to have your own extra battery.